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FC raiding free for all!

Ash ao posted Aug 24, 17

The unfortunate and abrupt 'death' of Team Ziggy left a void in the FC for those who want to try their hand at some casual raiding. Sailor is hoping to fill that void by scheduling weekly FC events that are free for anyone to join. No experience required, so this is a good time as any if you've ever wanted to see some of the more challenging fights the game has to offer.

For more info check the forum thread here or talk to Sailor directly.

Do you want to play a game?

Ash ao posted Aug 17, 17

After dealing with a flying snake and a tentacle monster, Team Bowie faced off with…an ancient Greek city? Halicarnassus just wanted some friends to play and pig out with so we were happy to oblige. Once she (he?) started dressing us up like tiny animals and tying us up together we decided the time for ‘fun’ was over and proceeded to murder her.

O3S was an interesting and fun fight which should remain fresh for a while because it has some random elements. Thanks everyone for putting in the necessary effort to clear this at a reasonable pace despite everyone going on vacation at random (the nerve...). Job well done and on to the next challenge! We found out Halicarnassus was just a small frog in a big pond and decided to take a picture with the big honcho Exdeath instead.

Videos: NIN / WHM

Zafran Yay. First clear with bowie this tier!
Daniel That screenshot is so deceiving..
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He's at least 32 metres tall
Not that tall!!
you're so tall in real life, rico @_@
thanks jiji, would've probably missed it! bit too tired to write anything now though, not sure I have inspiration for something anyway but grats PSSN FC!
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