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5 Bards Later

Ash a posted May 9, 16

No really, I checked and Rico is the 5th bard we’ve gone into A6S with over the course of 6 weeks total. It took us a while to clear this encounter but due to the nature of the fight it didn’t get too stale or frustrating. The first couple of weeks were a bit of a drag because honestly the first robot (for people who don’t know the fight, there are 4 robots you need to kill in succession) was a huge pain in the ass and having roster issues at the same time didn’t help.

SE decided we needed a hand about halfway through and nerfed the encounter a bit. I won’t deny that without the nerfs we most likely would not have cleared this floor yet (in fact I’m pretty damn sure considering how close to the enrage we were) but I’m also confident we would have been close either way as the core mechanics did not change.

In my opinion A6S is a really cool, fun and fresh fight and so far Midas is a definite step up from Gordias. Let’s see how the balls on the next floor treat us…why is it always balls…

This is also the first raid  that our two newcomers Sako and Rico cleared with us as a fresh kill – I think we can safely say you guys are great additions even though you’re making the melee look bad ;_;. And nope, no puns this time I’m afraid.

Kill video by Fia (WAR):

Sui Grats guys! \o/ Balls!!
Rainy Guy Graaats! MUUUURF
Isa grrrrats!

Zu mount winners!

Rhyda posted Apr 24, 16

So we have yet again some winners to announce from our latest Zu mount competition!

Which was the poetry / story one.
I know this competition required some thinking and time so I want to thank you for participating and showing us your writing skills :) and also for those who took the time to read them and to vote!

Our 5 winners are:
Risu with 9 votes
Isa with 6 votes
Kezia with 6 votes
Ash with 3 votes
Zafran with 1 vote

Expect a fancy Zu mount in your mail boxes!

Isa and thanks Lins to get us the mounts! You is best!
ririsu thanks for organising this rhyda.
Isa Whiii
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