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Your mom needs refurbishing

Ash a posted Oct 20, 16

Apparently the last time we cleared any ‘serious’ content was in June when we downed A7S. Since then I curse that stupid cat every time it shows up in game as that fight marked the start of our raid ‘break’. The break lasted until patch 3.4 hit, bringing with it some new fights. We decided this time around to take it a bit more slow, opting for two raids a week.

Some were a bit more eager to get into the thick of it and cleared Sophia Extreme on their own time, but thankfully they coached the rest of us casuals through the fight so we could get a team clear on this trial. I still don’t know what’s going on half the time so I die whenever Zaf ‘forgets’ to call out where to run (I put that between quote marks because I feel he randomly does it to watch the world burn).

Last Friday we spent one raid lockout in A9S for the first time and very nearly cleared it, then came back this week on Wednesday to finish the job. We had to swap around some people between the two raids though so it still required some practice. This raid encounter is pretty fun and clearly less of a pain in the ass than any of the previous fights. You still need to know what’s going on but it doesn’t require near-perfect execution or a stricts memorisation of abilities. The DPS check is also super lenient.

Well done nevertheless on a speedy clear! Dan is sadly not planning to tank for us any more when he can avoid it but Eliza has taken up sword and board to repeatedly get hit in the face instead. Welcome to the team! Also thanks to Sui and Dan for backing us up when we did need some extras in the raids <o/.

Kill video by Isa (WHM): 

Eliza Death ( ‘ - ‘*ゞ Reporting for duty and thanks for having me. I will endeavor to get hit in the face with style and...
Fia let go of my leg...
ririsu i'm fia's third leg

Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender

Ash a posted Sep 18, 16

The next big content patch for FF XIV is coming out on Tuesday 27 September. You can check the cool trailer below. Many 'dormant' players (including myself) should be popping back on when this patch hits so it would be nice to group up and tackle some of the new content together. If you already know you want to come with to stuff like the new Alexander tiers, feel free to sign up for the events listed on the left side!

Otherwise just pop on when you can/want and hopefully we can make a group \o/

Ash a These fucking monks are getting out of line.
Daniel Just a bit left hmm hm hm hm
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