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Daniel posted Aug 16, 16

For anyone who's checking the site out and wants to do stuffs with the FC we have some scheduled events on the left side and we're doing them based on whomever has signed up

Anyone that wants to join can click on these events and then sign up by clicking Sign-up for this Event! on the bottom of the Attending list. Whether these happen or not mostly depends on the number of people who sign up so if you want to crush some primals or even try Savage all you need to do is drop your name there :p

PS: Now that I put this in the most obvious place ever lets see if we actually have enough people attending hm, patch lull in full effect

Suck it, Gordias.

Ash a posted Aug 13, 16

This week marked the start of our attempt to get some casual raiding going in the FC until we get a bit more serious again next patch. On Tuesday we got a few people their first clears on Thordan Ex and Sephirot Ex and on Friday we tackled a fight we had long left unfinished, A4S!

Obviously all of the mentioned encounters are trivialised by gear + echo but it was still kind of cathartic to put the hurt on that stupid Manipulator and actually complete the Gordias Savage tier of raids (note: we had literally never attempted the fight ever before). It was particularly nice because 7 out of the 8 people there were the ones who cleared A3S when it was relevant content. We miss you Fia :( but thanks for coming to help out Ram!

Isa saved a clip of the clear which you can see here.

For the next few weeks, if you feel like joining up for the casual raids just sign up via the events (you can see them on the left side here) and please mention if there are specific encounters you'd like to do. Anything goes! As long as there are at least six people marked as 'attending' the raids will probably happen. If you're not sure if we need you, just hop on Discord and ask!

Fia Aw, that’s nice. Eliza may or may not have told you but I listened to Risu and got in touch with family…bad...
Daniel We did attempt A4S, until Fia tomahawked the Manipulator and killed us all that is
Isa Glad we got something going within the FC during the slow summer months. Nice organising, guys, thank you! Had heaps of ...
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