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Passionate Justice

Ash a posted May 13, 17

What to do when you’ve cleared all current content? Go back and take care of some unfinished business, of course. Brute Justice, the final boss of the previous raid tier (Midas), has a reputation for being one of the hardest but also one of the best fights in the game. Felt like high time we verified this claim to fame.

While most older fights are pushovers with current gear levels, A8S still proved to be somewhat of a challenge. Obviously most of the damaging mechanics were a -lot- more lenient and due to inflated dps we were able to skip some of the trickier parts of the fight, no denying that. Nevertheless it wasn’t a faceroll and we actually had to think about a strategy and stick to a game plan, for the most part.

It took around 5’ish weeks of casual play (one raid a week) to bring Voltron to justice. The clear did end up feeling like somewhat of an accomplishment and it was nice to see everyone in the team taking the fight seriously. Special mention for Rienzi filling the healer void and for Dan re-joining us to pick up where we left off in Midas.

That finally takes care of all raid content in Heavensward, bring on Omega!

Healer (WHM) pov:

Tank (PLD) pov:

Edit: Sweet victory and minions  -  Dan


Eliza Death So they're calling the place where monks go to be deleted the Inter-dimensional rift. &#x1f914; Good to know.
Zafran Interdimensional rift, here we come \o/

Zurvan Extreme on Monday

Ash a posted Feb 25, 17

Trying to get a group going to farm some weapons/tokens on Zurvan Extreme. Sign up via the event if you want to come! Will expect people who want to go to have some amount of know-how on the fight. Give me a poke if you're not sure whether or not you should sign up.

Fia can't come as its my late tomorrow, good luck though
Rainy Guy eziest fite in gaem
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nice, grats!
3 birds in 1 night!
successful bird farm everyone, cheers <o/
rain so popular he's got an event devoted to him [link]
no you need more discord time
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