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All eyes on us

Ash a posted Sun at 10:09

On Tuesday the first wing of this expansion’s ‘high-end’ raid content was released, Omega: Deltascape (Savage). As you can see in the previous post, Team Ziggy beat us to the punch and cleared the first fight on Wednesday. The gravity of this situation didn’t escape Team Bowie, so we studied up and ventured into Omega Savage on Thursday.

Our preparation paid off as we knocked out both the first and second fight in a few hours’ time. They promised us a more gentle start this time round compared to the catastrophe that was Gordias and thankfully they weren’t lying.

It’s nice to see two FC groups tackling Savage when it’s current for once. Well done to all fleshy members involved! That means not you Zaf.

Congratulations on your nuptials though.

The screenshot below sums up how smooth our clears were. Some videos:

- O1S nin pov

- O2S nin pov

- O2S pld pov

- O2S whm pov

Zafran Oi! Congrats on the clear everyone. Both teams are going strong. Time to tackle RIBBIT lady
ririsu zaf's fleshy member was in a different instance from ours.

Team Ziggy has cleard O1S! On this week's episode, we learned how to ice skate. But there's a catch: The rink has no walls and keeps exploding, and our instructor is a giant snake with a name that sounds a bit like Alt-Right. At least it's not curling!

Shoutouts to Tia, who learned the fight extremely quickly and delivered great callouts, Joe, who stuck with us to the bitter end despite being pretty tired, and everyone else for downing this legless douchebag on our last pull of the night. I'd also like to take a moment to say a belated happy birthday to our summoner, everybody's favourite dude with the long nickname, Jeff, who turned 12 years old yesterday. We're extremely proud of you, lil' guy.

Here's a video:

And here are the parses.

You know, I've just realised. This puts us ahead of Team Bowie. I thought we were the casual ones? ;)

Seira Dalamud Look what you've done, they expect us to actually preform from now on :U
Rainy Guy "Youre not gonna clear it hurr durrr" ... woops :')
Ash a Well done! inb4 Bowie doesn't clear T_T
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I was wrong!
and you laughed at me for tenacity melds!
yeah, nice to have someone say survivability (tenacity/VIT melds) are valuable for prog.
[link] interesting thread
shake it off hasn't changed at all...unless patch notes missing something, still not impressed though
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