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Patch 3.4 Soul Surrender

Ash a posted Sep 18, 16

The next big content patch for FF XIV is coming out on Tuesday 27 September. You can check the cool trailer below. Many 'dormant' players (including myself) should be popping back on when this patch hits so it would be nice to group up and tackle some of the new content together. If you already know you want to come with to stuff like the new Alexander tiers, feel free to sign up for the events listed on the left side!

Otherwise just pop on when you can/want and hopefully we can make a group \o/

Ash a These fucking monks are getting out of line.
Daniel Just a bit left hmm hm hm hm

Go PSSN, it's your birthday

Ash a posted Aug 29, 16

Oops, I let this one slip us by for a few days but we actually founded the FC within FF XIV on 25/08/13 so that's three years ago already! I know we're in a terrible lull right now but hopefully activity will flare up again in a month or so when the next big content patch is released. Don't forget to sign up for raids if you want to run some stuff though, as we typically cancel these events if we don't get enough people interested!

Isa does this mean you'll go lala again? :d
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