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Daniel posted Thu at 1:58

Well, we finally managed to claw our way out of Byakko's fury :3 ......No?...okay...

We've once again prevailed against all odds and took down a cat! A cat.. primal, I think? Or maybe some demi - god. Whatever he is he's finally having his well deserved rest inside that cave where every demi - god pet has been resting for years. Sadly though he didn't drop any puppies for us. We'll need to promptly beat him up again until he does. If I had to guess, this fight is just a bit more difficult than Susano Ex, I absolutely did not claim this would be easier than Lakshmi Ex, oh no.

There was also our attempt at this boss with me, Rain and Ash, in a fully German party. That was certainly.. interesting. Anyways, I hope to see you at the next primal :3 Probably that birdy thing, Phoenix! Until then, be like Ash here and limit break everything in sight!

Ash a <-- limit break slave, I really wanted to LB byakko though...that bar was calling to me but some silly tanks want...

This week saw the release of the next raid tier on Tuesday, the ‘Sigmascape’. We spent some time clearing the normal mode before we boarded the savage version of the first fight, the Phantom Train. There were no guides yet at this point so it was fun to figure things out on our own. It was a nailbiter but in the end we hit the enrage at 3% left and that was the best we were able to achieve in such a short amount of time. Choo-choo.

We came back on Saturday and suplexed the train in a few pulls. By this time there were guides for the next few fights so we figured we had a good shot at knocking out the second boss as well. Rumour had it the difficulty was more or less the same, maybe slightly harder. We painted ourselves into a corner a few times but in the end it took us a mere 7 pulls to achieve victory. Obviously the guide did some of the work but it was still a nice accomplishment. Well done everyone!

Video for O5S:

Rienzi (whm) https://youtu.be/5aU4akhBpcM 

Videos for O6S:

Ash (nin) https://youtu.be/U66nOf_dm2s
Nomo (drg) https://youtu.be/zJGS9764BL4 
Eliza (pld) https://youtu.be/HjMk0KKKF7o
Rienzi (whm) https://youtu.be/z-pKYOGsIOc 

Bonus: 2% wipe

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