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I'm looking for one or two individuals in our FC who would like to MAKE PASSION GREAT AGAIN. If you'd like to be involved in running this place, please contact me.

Katala Haha.... it's just ... you know ... wrong.
Kezia Why Ash, why must you bring Trump in here?

Turbulent Times

Ash a posted Jul 19, 16

Since we've gotten some new members over the past few weeks and some shit has gone down I thought it might not be a bad idea to briefly give you guys an update on the state of our FC.

We work with a very, very limited hierarchy, there's the GM and the three officers right now + the members. Occasionally someone might get a special rank if they're in charge of something specific like the house or airships. When someone doesn't log in for about a month they are demoted to AWOL and after about two more months they're booted from the FC. Everyone is always free to come back if they pick up the game again.

Activity is on the 'low' side of the spectrum right now for various reasons, two of those being that it's summer, meaning people are off getting roasted in the sun, and Team Bowie, the FC static, has given up on this raid tier for the time being. Since three out of the four people in charge were/are in this static, including me, we're obviously not too motivated right now so we might be logging in a bit less than we used to. Expect things to look more lively again when the next big content patch rolls around.

That said, there are still a lot of people logging in each day and happily chatting and questing away, so that's good! Don't be afraid to speak up and ask for help/tips/assistance/... in FC chat even if you're new. Odds are there will usually be someone there to answer your questions or join you to fight a big bad dragon. Don't forget about the website and the forum either, if you want to schedule or organise something feel free to start a post about it.

For those that want to communicate outside the game as well or use voice comms, we have a Discord channel you can easily pop into via the link on the right hand side of this page. Don't forget you can install it as a program on your PC or an app on your phone/tablet as well.

Isa Okay so, 4 officers, 4 care bears? Ash the blue one (for obvs reasons), then ririsu must be the orange one with the re...
Kezia Care Bears guys, they're Care Bears. Eeesh.
Zafran Arent they from a toilet paper brand?
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