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Zurvan Extreme on Monday

Ash ao posted Feb 25, 17

Trying to get a group going to farm some weapons/tokens on Zurvan Extreme. Sign up via the event if you want to come! Will expect people who want to go to have some amount of know-how on the fight. Give me a poke if you're not sure whether or not you should sign up.

Fia can't come as its my late tomorrow, good luck though
Rainy Guy eziest fite in gaem

After five months of tears, torment and torture, four brave members of Passion have reached Floor 200 of the unrelenting Palace of The Dead! 

Nomolun, Galatea, Sawan and Dan fought their way through the huge mobs, traps, Mimics and arguments to secure their victory over the Deep Dungeon. This is a huge feat for them as a group and as individuals too, and I think their accomplishment should be noted by all!

Congratulations friends! May you never have to deal with that place again! (...until Stormblood at least.)

Also, good luck Nomo on your night shifts - hope this was the right way to see yourself into a new routine!


Daniel I loved the moment when the exit opened up at floor 199 and we all just stood there like , oh...
ririsu grats!
Fia woo, whatcha get :3
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bird farm on Friday!
nice. im gonna try it today
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