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The Passion Wave

Daniel posted Oct 21, 17

Shinryu before dying

We have prevailed again! After being cornered by Shinryu for a few days with FC members, we've brought down the mighty dragon! 

The mechanics of this fight really do hit you one after another without mercy, and noticing what you have to do at certain points is difficult, but luckily with enough practice we've mastered his tactics, and slayed him with no trouble. I thank everyone who participated in the fight with us and saw it through the end. Also thanks for raising me after I fell from the platform twice >.>

Special thanks goes to Rienzi for carrying us all through the fight by becoming PassionBot himself. Healing and calling out in my opinion is definitely the most difficult thing you can do in a fight.

And here's a picture of Risu breaking the rules of physics, before Eliza healed him and made him fall down as punishment for hacking anyways.

Rienzi Here's the clear video if you want to see it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFFnHNhJ7iA
ririsu o i think i knew what happened that last kill--boss was supposed to wipe us by pushing everyone off the platform to their ...
Eliza Death Indeed - Great work all and as Dan mentioned, a big thank you to Rienzi for raid leading. \o/ And sadly for Dan and Rai...

Eleven weeks, that seems to about the time it took us to clear the Savage mode of the Deltascape raid tier. I have to give props to Yoshi-P’s team for making the first ‘difficult’ raid tier of this expansion a very accessible one. The first fight is easy enough that it’s a very low barrier for entry and most people who are interested in raiding should find it very doable. The difficulty scales fairly nicely as the second, third and fourth fight each got progressively harder.

Neo Exdeath is a fight that is exclusive to Savage, whether or not you agree with that is a different topic entirely and our very own Nomo actually wrote a piece about that which you can find here. For us ‘raiders’ it’s nice that there is at least SOME unique content at the end of the ride as a reward for getting there. It helps that it’s actually a very cool boss, suitably epic for a final encounter. The transition from Exdeath to Neo Exdeath is especially cool but if you’re interested in that, look it up on YouTube.

Well done everyone and as usual thanks for bearing with my grumpy demeanour. The tanks and the healers deserve commendations as their job was surely the most difficult one on this fight. Great coordination and preparation by Ririenzisu for healing and Fieliza for tanking. Would not have been able to pull this off otherwise.

Sorry, no puns this time but here are some videos and a screenshot:

Eliza Death Great work all :) If we ever needed anymore proof that all we need to clear content is the offer of Lala-fication, here ...
Fikkie Well done and congratz! Wish I had the time and commitment to raid, looks awesome!
Rienzi Well done everyone! Also good to have photographic evidence that Eos is actually larger than Risu.
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